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Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by Spizzer, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Spizzer

    Spizzer New Member

    Jul 29, 2013
    Hey addicts!

    I was looking around another forum and came across an extensive study a guy did on gun care products. I don't. Know if it has ever been linked here, but I thought it might be worthwhile to post here. If you are like me, you're always wondering what the best products might be to protect your investment.

    Here is the link:



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  2. removed

    removed Well-Known Member

    Aug 22, 2015
    Huh, Frog Lube did pretty well. I would not have thought it would. I do wonder (as does the author) how it performs as a cleaner.

  3. 10mm Guy

    10mm Guy Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2018
    Wow, impressive amount of time invested and seems unbiased. Good stuff!
  4. Dallas Knight

    Dallas Knight Max Otto von Stierlitz

    Jun 22, 2015
    There’s a couple good YouTube videos that also show the results of long term exposure to the elements among a dozen or more products. One in particular I recall viewing, used metal coupons left outside for varying lengths of time.

    As I recall, Frog Lube did well in that testing too but (IIRC), proper application of Frog Lube requires the metal to be heated up (IAW the manufacturer’s recommendation) - most people tend to just apply it at room temperature so the full benefits may not be realized.
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  5. Spizzer

    Spizzer New Member

    Jul 29, 2013
    Unfortunately, if you look down in some of the comments, one poster says to not rely on Frog Lube for long term storage. He said he did and when he took it out, it was as dry as a bone. It totally evaporates over time.


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  6. Slapshot

    Slapshot Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2017
    I have come across this before and it was one of the reasons I started using Hornady One Shot. I love the stuff and I'm still waiting on someone to have the balls to try it on DW Duty Treat! It's great for chasing dirt out of nooks and crannies.
  7. walleyemonster

    walleyemonster Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2017
    There was a lengthy post at AR15.com some time back about a place in Vegas that you can rent all types of firearms including full auto weapons. His weapons maintenance was staffed by 8 gunsmiths if I remember correctly.
    Mostly it was about what weapons were the most reliable, and at what round count they broke, and what broke. Also how maintenance changed over time to minimize breakage thru lube intervals and cleaning.
    He did touch on what lubes he used. He is not a paid endorser of any products. Stating what worked for him. TW25B was his choice for lubing frame rails including machine guns.
    It was a lengthy article, and long winded. Informative if time is invested to read it.
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  8. pscipio03

    pscipio03 Fun O' Meter on FULL

    Mar 11, 2013
    I bought into FrogLube when it first came out. Both the liquid and paste versions. Followed the instructions on applying.
    First winter (Michigan) I took a 1911 out to shoot, it became a bolt action pistol. Even though it was a very light application of FrogLube, it became so viscous, that the pistol just stopped working. The slide moved too slowly.
    HK45 is my bedside gun. Doesn't really get shot very often and had been at least a year between shoots when I decided to take it out and do some I&I on it. All liquid properties of FrogLube was gone, and all that was left was crumbly particulate that locked the pistol up when I racked it. You ever take apart a HK? Or, just as painful, you ever take apart an HK45 recoil spring? If not- don't.
    So, to summarize, as I've stated before, FrogLube sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls. I don't care if it smells minty. I don't care if it's 'all natural'. The **** is horrible.
    Maybe in perfect conditions where temps never drop below 50; you strip and reapply every regularly, and the earth is in perfect alignment with the age of Aquarius- sure. Other than that, FL doesn't even qualify as snake oil. That moniker belongs to Fire Clean (another bag of excrement, but still a bit better).
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