Factory Agency Arms Roland

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    Aug 28, 2015
    Iv had this about a year, I'm the second owner, first owner had less than 100 down the tube. Iv put a couple thousand threw it. It is an absolute tack driver. It has seen a few comps and classes and has never bitched once.

    Not that it really matters, but this is not a home built Roland This came as a Package build from Omaha Arms that runs like $3100. I changed the light out to an x300/1k. RMR is the 3.25 moa model.
    This will come with everything you would get from Omaha in the Package, see the photos for the extra little part.

    In conclusion:
    Gen 3 Glock 19
    Full Agency build, frame and slide and all known components
    Premier Agency Threaded barrel
    Agency Comp
    Gen 2 RMR 3.25 Moa
    Surefire x300 1k lumen model.

    In Full disclosure, guns kinda dirty in the photos. I'm lazy and didn't feel like cleaning it up, Just FYI

    Trades: Wanting to get another PCC, so looking for B&T APC9 or Zenith MP5

    Email for comms - [email protected]
    PP FF
    $1850 Shipped

    I have 200+ positive feedback on ar15.com if that helps ease anyones mind.

    View attachment 264997 D8793284-BEB0-40C6-A08E-14ABBC2AE97B_jpeg-932172.jpg View attachment 265001 171D552D-18CE-4165-86DD-4213B7E0183A_jpeg-932179.jpg 5AE00DB7-51C3-4D6B-93DC-BDA57498B0D0_jpeg-932184.jpg FC40E913-4269-47FC-8557-428BF2EC9634_jpeg-932185.jpg
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    May 12, 2016
    Such a nice little blaster.

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