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After two weeks, I finally got to shoot my new Gritus Precision LW Officer 9. Sorta embarrassing how long it took, considering I started carrying it on day 1:

Well, got some nice weather and a chance to sneak over to my "secret" shooting spot yesterday.... Damn. DAMN!

Turns out, my little Officer is a BLAST to shoot. So fun- and just ate EVERYTHING I stuffed in it!

Very soft-shooting and easy to keep on target... 9mm is such a joy in a 1911. Even a lightweight. Returns to target so fast, like it just WANTS to.
Most importantly, in the 200 rounds I had time to shoot, I had ZERO hitches, snags, failures, hang-ups, or any issues of any kind. Reliability was my first concern, and Jim and Marty delivered. Frankly, I expected it, as Jim and Marty kept me posted throughout the build, and I know how much testing and tweaking they did. But it's one thing to expect it to run well, and another thing entirely to FEEL the gun cycling so smoothly on my first run.

I only got to shoot a couple hundred rounds through it (kids were hanging out by the truck wearing ears and watching Dad empty magazines), but I fed it every type of ammo I had in the truck stash:
100 rounds Federal FMJ 115grain,
50 rounds of maybe UMC FMJ?
and another 50 rounds of mixed defensive ammo- Fiocchi Extrema, Gold Dot +P, Hornady Critical-something (with the plastic dot in the nose), and some Federal +P Hydra-Shoks (with the big-ol' cavity up front).

I ran the hollowpoints at the end, when it was dirty. Didn't matter. It cycled as smooth at the end as it did when it was clean. Actually, I sorta felt like it got SMOOTHER. It was weird, but definitely noticeable. Assuming it was the Nickel Teflon finish, maybe? Didn't lube it, either.

Extraction and ejection was like a sewing machine, no matter what I put in it. The brass landed about 4-5, maybe 6 feet away, depending on what ammo I was shooting. I feel like if I'd been shooting one type of ammo and staying still, I could put most of it in a 5-gallon bucket beside and a little behind me.

As you can see from the picture, the gun grouped tighter than I could standing, shooting fast, and without a rest. Might try it off a sandbag next time to see what it can really do. I LOVE the front sight- the gold bead is awesome in any reasonable amount of light. It picks up SO fast in sunlight or shadow.

I suppose it sounds like I'm raving pretty hard on it right now. I guess that's true.
All told, though, I am EXTREMELY happy with it so far- it's set up just right, built better than any of my production guns, and performs exactly as I was hoping. It just RUNS, and feels like it wants to run more as you shoot it. It's SOOOO much fun. I have NO hesitation about carrying it. And Bob's grips, of course, are stunning.

Thanks, guys. I'm a happy little dude.

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