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  1. GunLover990

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    Feb 2, 2017
    Just wondering what the general consensus is for the most durable finish. I would assume SS is the best for corrosion resistance but it is a softer metal. I have personally Cerakoted a few firearms that I refinished and that seems to hold up well but can still chip since it is a ceramic. I am now a very big fan of Melonite since the Guncrafter Frag I purchased is showing no wear what so ever. I guess next up is DLC coating. Anyone have and insight on other finishes or comments on the ones mentioned?
  2. ImperialBlade

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    Aug 22, 2015
    Check out Dan Wesson's Duty Treat or Dave Severn's Hard Hard Treatment. They are both very similar to Glock's Melonite treatment of the metal.
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  3. gaijin

    gaijin Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2015
    Can't beat Melonite/Tennifer/NitroCarburizing for a black finish.
    Can't beat HC for a silver finish.
    Both interms of corrosion/abrasion resistance.
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  4. JohnnyEgo

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    May 17, 2017
    When I lived in Florida on the water many years ago, I learned that Stainless Steel could indeed rust and pit, surprisingly fast. I had better luck in the high salt environment with hard chrome. I have heard really good things about NP3 as well for salt resistance.

    I have whatever flavor of coating Wilson uses of late on a black CQB, and Nighthawk's Nitride coating on a long slide, both of which have held up to holster wear better than I would have expected.
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  5. Denver1911

    Denver1911 Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2014
    Nitride for black. Hard chrome for silver.

    Stainless is a good choice for,silver because it is easily "refinished." But it's not much for corrosion resistance when compared to the two options listed above.
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  6. SCS1911

    SCS1911 Failed all therapy Supporting Addict

    Oct 5, 2012
    Robar NP3 or NP3+, if you like grey/silver.
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  7. WWB

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    Apr 11, 2015
    NP3+ is an excellent finish with excellent lubricant properties as well as corrosion resistance..
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  8. Dub

    Dub born in the wrong century

    Mar 19, 2017
    I don't have a ton of experience with various finishes. Many of my older guns were stainless. Never had an issue....and could always clean & polish them fairly easily.

    My newer guns have been Armory Kote, Cerakote and Parkerized. So far they all are doing well. The Springer parked guns may be about the most interesting to me in that they seem to show holster wear yet they soak up gun oil with a lustre that is really cool to me. Heck of a basic finish and to my liking. If I ever reach a point where I wear these parked Springers down.....not sure how I'll address....likely drop 'em off at the local Cerakote shop for a dose of Graphite Black Cerakote which is about my favorite. If I do two guns, he'll allow for some two toned options without any price upgrade.....that may be cool, too. I like the Graphite Black & Burnt Bronze 2-tone he did on my little Defender.

    My Armory Kote TRP still appears brand new after 18+ months of carry in leather, kydex & ballistic nylon holsters and shooting & cleaning.

    The one finish that I've done the most to "abuse" is the factory finish on the Glocks I've owned. My G19 is my most carried gun for a few years. It's ridden in leather and kydex.....been submerged on kayak trips, soaked in sweat on scouting trips and been exposed to every type of gun cleaner I've used over it's life. It looks just like it did the day I bought it new in my favorite local shop. It isn't what I'd classify as a sexy finish.....but it simply works better than I ever expected.

    If I ever do settle in on a nice blue commander which will possibly become a main carry gun.....I'm likely to let it wear and then hard chrome it. It's funny how I've always admired blued & hard chrome.......yet own zero of them. Heck....I noticed the other day when messing around in the gun safe, trying to improve the lighting in there.........there is a serious lack of blued & wood guns.
  9. Harleyvato

    Harleyvato Active Member

    Apr 8, 2017
    I've always been amazed at the tennifer(?) finish glock uses(used?). I have a first generation 21 that has been used and never babied and still looks good after all these years. I have also been very pleased with Wilson Combats "Armor Tuff" finish on my CQB. I have carried it and shot it and it has only developed a little holster wear at the front of the slide. Neither has ever shown any sign of corrosion and still look good ,showing what I consider honest wear. Someday when the tritium sights on the Wilson go dim maybe I'll send it in for s refinish and sight replacement.
  10. Usp45ct

    Usp45ct Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Aug 24, 2012

    I have the Hard hat coating on 2 guns. Can't beat it if you want black. nP3+ is on ny SS gun.
  11. Glock2740

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    Aug 16, 2011
    Silver- Hard chrome or NP3+
    Black- Nitride

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