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    A sausage factory broke into flames in town and all the area volunteer fire companies responded. As they arrived, they were met by the frantic owner of the factory. "Our secret recipes are inside. They're in a box in the kitchen and we need those recipes! I'll make a donation of $100,000 to the fire company that gets them out!"
    The firefighters looked at the building and decided it was too risky. No takers. The owner doubles down... "I'll donate $200,000 to the company that saves my recipes!" Wow! Still, no takers.
    Just then, everyone turns to see an old rickety firetruck speeding down the hill toward the scene. It's the 97th fire company from the old Italian neighborhood. They watch in amazement as the truck zooms through the crowd and straight into the factory, crashing through the flames and straight out the other side, with the recipe strongbox safely on board. The owner is thrilled and the crowd is in awe of this little fire company.
    A reporter steps up to the captain and asks, "What are you going to do with the reward money?"
    "Well," the fire captain says, "the firsta ting we gonna do is fixa doz fookina brakes on da firetrucka!"
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    Atsa gooda one!

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