Firearm Classifieds Section Rules. Also "why can't I post here!"

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Below are the rules that you abide by while using this section of the forum.

    • All items listed for sale or trade must have the following.

    1. An asking price. No "make me an offer".
    2. At least one image of the item for sale.
    3. If the item is up for trade, you must at least post some sort of idea what you are looking for.
    4. You may "bump" your listing one time a day. If you are editing, or updating your listing, then edit your original post. Do not post a new one. If someone posts a specific question then it is perfectly fine to respond to that question. Repeatedly "bumping" your thread will result in it being locked.
    5. Once the item is sold, the price should be kept intact. This way it can help other members to know market value.

    • It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to abide by the following rules.

    1. If you think the seller is asking too much, you don't have to comment. If you want to make a bid, then work out the deal via PM.
    2. All details of the sale are between the buyer and seller.
    3. It is YOUR responsibility to research the person whom you are buying from, trading with, or selling to. To be blunt, if you get ripped off that is between you and the other party. 1911 Addicts and any affiliates will not be held responsible for any private transactions made between members.
    4. If there is a problem or dispute between the buyer and seller, then work out your issues via PM please.
    5. You must abide by all State and Federal Laws. This means you must use an FFL to ship and transfer all firearms when required. If you choose to break the law, that is your mistake. 1911 Addicts and any affiliates will not be held responsible for you breaking the law.

    Failure to follow the above rules will result in your listing getting locked. Repeated violations of the rules will result in temporary or permanent loss of access to this section. By posting in this section you agree to that you understand the rules and will abide by them.

    Why can't I post a classified ad?

    In order to post in the classified section you must be a member in good standing and have at least 20 posts. This is to try and keep someone from using the forum for the sole purpose of only selling their items, as well as someone scamming another member here. Keep in mind that the posting Classifieds Section is privilege, and it can be revoked temporarily or permanently for infractions in this area. Please read through the rules carefully before posting once you have been granted access. We also require a that you be a registered member for a short amount of time before posting.

    We ask that if you are a business looking to sell your goods, we ask that your become a sponsor. If you are making items for sale, be they holsters, grips, bags, or whatever, and are offering those items for sale with any regularity, you need to become a sponsor. If you are making items for sale regularly, you are engaging in a sales requiring a sponsor membership.
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