For those carrying Glocks or other tactical tupperware...

Discussion in 'Gear Talk' started by yosemitesamsung, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. John Ryder

    John Ryder Well-Known Member

    Aug 19, 2011
  2. GoetzTalon

    GoetzTalon Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2011
    IMG_20200525_104600358.jpg Tulster for the 42 and 19. The galco summer special is holding my 20 but I bought it for a 21 that don't have any longer. The 30 is in a Exodus illusion owb which is a awesome holster for that type of carry.
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  3. Grizz

    Grizz Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2016
    this thread needs more pics!!
  4. BluGrass

    BluGrass Active Member

    Jan 13, 2014
    Darkstar Gear or JM Custom Kydex. Top of the line holsters with attention to detail. These are not Facebook or Instagram holsters like Tier 1 or so many other sidecar holsters which is about as comfortable as putting a clipboard in your pants. These are serious use holsters and are well worth the money.

    Check out pistol forum.

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  5. stlgecko

    stlgecko Gecko Lives Matter

    May 24, 2014
    I carry a 43x in a Vedder Lighttuck.
  6. cgff

    cgff Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2015
    For IWB G48 Milt Sparks SSII, Same for Govt & Cmdr 1911.
    For Glock 19 and HKs p2000, Galco Summer Special. IWB.
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  7. DukeSoprano

    DukeSoprano Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Jan 17, 2013
  8. Songcatcher

    Songcatcher Nose to the grindstone

    Mar 15, 2018
    Currently, Harry's Holsters for iwb, Tenicor ARX for owb.
    IMG_20200720_210850_213.jpg IMG_20200725_154039_895.jpg
  9. lazeration8

    lazeration8 Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2019
    I picked up a Crossbreed to carry my 43x in while I waited for an order from Milt Sparks. I've always like the hybrid style holsters and have used them for every carry gun I've owned aside from 1911s. I just like Sparks holsters more.

    Nexus showed up last week, they're my favorite holster out of any other that I've used. With such a light gun it is very easy to forget that I'm wearing it at all.
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  10. yosemitesamsung

    yosemitesamsung Member

    Oct 17, 2019
    Appreciate all of the suggestions. I think I’m gonna pick up a JMCK “George” holster. AIWB for skinny folk.
  11. Apollo99

    Apollo99 Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2017
    I have a Cuda' from Simply Rugged Holsters, I forget I have it on. With a good belt you can wear your tupperwear all day. I wear it OWB, but with additional straps you can convert it to IWB. they have 10% off on holsters right now. They make a great holster at a fair price.
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  12. Rick McC.

    Rick McC. Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2013
    Warbird for my pretty stuff; which is quite functional, and comfortable as well.

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  13. Expert Amateur

    Expert Amateur Active Member

    Oct 7, 2019
    Any Addicts with experience using a Stealth Gear holster with their Ventcore material? The thought of a plastic holster against my belly (AIWB) while sitting in the office or walking around on a construction site just doesn’t seem very appealing for some reason.
  14. Man of Corn

    Man of Corn Member

    Jul 3, 2017
    Have a Ventcore, it worked ok but for some reason I never felt good about it. The two different materials together just didn't seem right for me. I just feel the gun is more secure and comfortable with a solid kydex (Long's Shadow/Tenicor) or leather (Milt Sparks/TT Gunleather). Subjective I know but you must have total confidence in all carry gear.
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  15. Capthobo

    Capthobo NRA Endowment member Supporting Addict

    Nov 9, 2016
    I second the motion on the sticky holster.
    Soooooooo comfortable.
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  16. azpoolguy

    azpoolguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 4, 2013
    The Tulster holster is a great option for skinny guys. My only addition would be soft loops instead of the clips.

    Over built holster and leather holsters for skinny guys are a no go. I’m 5’10” and 155lbs. I carry IWB with a 30” waist pants and shorts. I ended up making my own holsters after trying many options that just didn’t work. This is my G19 set up. There is nothing more than the footprint of the gun. A72705A0-CE5C-41C8-95C7-89F77C0069A5.jpeg 3C39D0C1-5CE3-4963-A7A1-9052D3C83017.jpeg
  17. Kip

    Kip Sir Kip Esquire

    Apr 12, 2016
    Same. 29/30" waist,leather adds too much when there ain't much of ya to start with!!;)
  18. yosemitesamsung

    yosemitesamsung Member

    Oct 17, 2019
    Those armour belts start at a 34" waist... I'd have to improve my 29" waist by a fair margin to make it a belt and not a hula hoop.
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