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The Sig X-Series pistols have been around for a while now. They were introduced around 2006 by the Sig Sauer Mastershop in Germany. The Mastershop got started not long after all regular production Sigs moved manufacturing to Exeter New Hampshire. These pistols were largely hand built to high levels of quality and attention to detail. The skilled craftsman made sure they were set apart from anything Sig was building in the States.

The first Mastershop pistols were the Sig Sport variants, which were introduced 15-20 years ago and built on a very limited basis. They were all discontinued when the X-Series was introduced. After about five years of production, the X-Series morphed into the second generation with a reshaped slide, a big rollmark, and an accessory rail. I much prefer the first run, of course. In about 2010 or so, the Mastershop introduced the P210 Legend which remained in production for a few years. Nowadays, all the Mastershop pistols are either discontinued or unable to be imported into the USA, which is really unfortunate. :sad:

The Mastershop Sigs are some of the most accurate handguns I’ve ever shot. This is true about the X-Series, Sport Series, and Legend Series. I certainly don’t put them on my “Mt. Rushmore” of highest quality pistols ever built, but they’re just a step or two below the best of the best and certainly nothing to sneeze at in that regard. From a pure performance standpoint, however, they most certainly are in the top tier. These pistols are extremely easy to shoot well for experienced shooters and novices alike.

The X-Five line made up the majority of the X-Series pistols. Within the X-Five line there were several models, to include the Competition, Lightweight, Allround, and the top of the line X-Five L1. There was also a seldom seen model called the X-Five Short and Smart. Calling this gun an X-Five is a bit misleading because it does not have a 5” barrel like the others. Instead, the Short and Smart model has the same length barrel as the standard Sig P226 at just under 4.5”. This variation wasn’t made all that long and are a rare sight these days. The good thing is that’s its built to the same basic specs as the L1 model and has the same outstanding fully adjustable SAO trigger. :cool:

Unlike the X-Five L1, however, the Short and Smart was only available in 9mm. Since I’m not a 40S&W guy, I tend to gravitate to dedicated 9mm handguns. The same could be said for the great Sig P226 Sport of 10-15 years ago, they were only 9mm. The Short and Smart also comes with the standard P226 extractor rather than the extractor on the longer X-Fives. Apparently, some folks had issues with the X-Five’s extraction reliability with the 9mm models, so Sig decided to change it on a gun that was never going to fire 40S&W. My X-Five L1 9mm never skipped a beat, but I guess I’ve been lucky. :)

As for this pistol, I’m very impressed with the workmanship and build quality. The trigger is amazing and identical to the trigger on my L1 model. Being over a half inch shorter, my new X-Five is a bit lighter than my older model. Lighter is relative, of course. The Short and Smart weighs in close to 44oz empty, with its large stainless steel frame. That’s music to my ears, because I love heavy pistols for range use. The Short and Smart is also decked out with all the goodies, to include super fine front strap and trigger guard checkering, the aforementioned adjustable trigger, a large magazine well, dual thumb safeties, and an extended magazine release. As far as gripes go, I could do without the name, which seems a bit cheesy, and I could do without the multi-colored laminate grips. I think they look decent and they also fit my hand well. However, they’re very slippery and the front strap checkering is far too fine to give much grip traction either. The checkered Nill grips on the L1 seem much more appropriate, but I guess that’s why it’s the L1. The sights on the Short and Smart are fixed, which differs from the L1’s adjustable rear sight. If it shoots point of aim, which it should, I’m fine with that.

The date code is BB for 2011 and it is new old stock. One of my local shops had it in the back without fully realizing it (long story). They were cleaning up their inventory. List price was $2750, but they had it on sale for $2550. They had dropped it yet another 15% for last weekend and one of the employees there called me knowing I like this sort of thing and I asked him to set it aside for me. I had some credit points coming back to me on my account there and I ended up getting it OTD for $2150. For a NIB X-Five, you can’t beat it, especially for a top end model with all the bells and whistles like the Short and Smart. :cool:

Its not something I needed or was even casually looking for. However, I do love the X-Five line and this one just sort of hit me in the face at a great price. You can’t find much of any X-Five in 9mm (even on Gunbroker) and you certainly can’t find the Short and Smart, so I decided to grab it. It should shoot just like my L1, which is among the best in my entire collection. The X-Five is just about the perfect range pistol, in my opinion, and I plan to shoot this one later in the week.

I highly recommend an X-Series pistol to those who appreciate a fine handgun with incredible accuracy. They aren’t being built any longer and prices will just keep going up as they become even harder to find. Now is the time. If you don’t mind 40S&W, you’re chances of getting one at a decent price are far greater. Regardless of the caliber, I can tell you with confidence that you will not find a better shooting range/target pistol anywhere. As I alluded to earlier, I do own finer pistols than the Mastershop Sig Sauers, but I don’t own better shooting pistols than these gems. They shoot as well as or better than anything else I own or have fired.

Ok, enough rambling. You here owns an X-Five? Anyone else have a Short and Smart? :dunno:

As always, please enjoy the pics and share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading...




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Nice find--and impressive stable of Sigs/Sig Saurs you have.

I have an X-Five L1 that I really like (agree that it's an amazing shooter).

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Ohhh, it's OK...I guess


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Very sweet addition to and unreal Sig collection !!!
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