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Front slide serrations on a springfield pro?

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Anyway to put slide serrations on a springfield pro operator that look good?
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Sell it and buy a DW Specialist. I would avoid molesting a SA Pro.
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You have a Pro made in the prime of the contract run. Please don’t destroy it.

It is yours to do what you please, but I find it unlikely you won’t regret it, later.
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Something like spinner hubcaps on vintage cars. Served no purpose, but some people had to have them.

When our state got concealed carry a friend of my wife ask if I would help her husband get ready to get his license. If I remember correctly he had bought a Beretta 9mm that had the forward slide serrations. He had already played with the pistol, as every time he racked the slide back he pushed it back with his left hand with the palm of his hand directly over the muzzle. It took a while to get him broke from the habit as the slide was easier for him to push back than pull back, but very dangerous.
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I believe several companies specialize in custom slide serrations where you can find the perfect look for your gun.
So much awful... that it actually needs a list:

--FCS: ugly

--tear up holsters

--please don't put your hand near the muzzle of a handgun

--also gets hot up there, burns the fingers

--adding metal work is expensive and needs a skilled hand, which is quite difficult to have done quickly

--blued gun? You'll need a refinish after metal work or it will rust

--you would also be engraving through the Springfield emblem or worse, the Springer Custom logo

Oh jeez, I hope my words aren't harsh.
QUICK, say something nice! 😬

Hey! At least you would be defacing a 1911 with a tactical rail! 🤣
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Anyway to put slide serrations on a springfield pro operator that look good? View attachment 1208000
View attachment 1208002
View attachment 1207999
View attachment 1208001
That is a nice Pro Operator. If you insist to add serrations, call Springfield Custom Shop (800-617-6751) to see if they can do it. But like others said, most would leave it as is.

You can also get production Operator model with FCS already came with the pistol. Here is my older MC Operator with square dust cover like Pro Operator. If you added front serration, that's how it will looks like.
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