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Post pictures of ANY Full Custom 1911 builds that you either have or have seen and drooled over.
1) list the smith that did the build.
2) if possible, list the build specs.

I saw this, recently, and it's just perfect.

Builder is Jeremy Reid, from Reid Pistolsmithing, LLC.

Jeremy Reid said:
I just finished this one up. I originally built it to be my carry gun. Unfortunately I'm a poor pistolsmith and I can't afford a gun this nice. So I'm going to have to sell it so I can buy more tools.

Sorry about the dust in some of the pictures, the wind was blowing the cotton fields around today. I tried to keep it clean, but that proved to be challenging.


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Jeremy Reid said:

Work Performed:

Hand fit frame and slide
Kart Match barrel, flush cut, crown, and polish
EGW match bushing
Ed Brown hardcore slide stop, reprofiled and serrated
Slide Stop pin hole chamfered, pin flush cut and contoured
Ed Brown Wide Thumb Safety, reprofiled with wrap around serrations
Les Baer Grip Safety fit and blended for highest possible grip
Wilson Hammer and Sear, crisp trigger job, 4 lbs
Greider Short Trigger
Frame cut for Ed Brown Bobtail mainspring housing
MSH pin hole relocated
Hand Beveled Magwell
Nowlin Extended magazine release, Slanted and serrated for ease of manipulation
Simonich Gunner Grips
2 tuned Wilson Extractors
EGW oversized FPS
Flattop and Serrated Slide
Heinie Slant pro rear sight, reprofiled for one handed manipulation
Novak front sight blank trimmed to .100" and regulated at 25 yards
French Border
Ball Cuts
Lower and flare ejection port with live round relief
Carry dehorn removing any hard lines and high cut
Finished with graphite black Cerakote over magnesium phosphate

Golfballs by Rogers Precision

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures

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Anything John Harrison, Ted Yost, Jason Burton, Steve Bailey, Chuck Rogers, Bob Rodgers, Ned Christiansen, etc. touch. :hail:

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I had this one built by Dave Erickson of Condition One Pistolsmithing in 2008. I wanted a full custom with a retro look. Looks stock but runs like a race gun.
Spec Sheet looks something like this:

Springfield Armory GI Model
.45 ACP Semi-Automatic

Specs and Build Sheet

Barrel Assembly
Barrel: BarSto Match Target
Bushing: EGW Monogram Set
Barrel Link: Appropriate Link TBD
Link Pin: Caspian Pin Kit

Sights-Labor: Cut Front Dovetail to Novak Specs
Front: SDM Gold Bead, Fitted/Blended/Regulated
Rear: Yost Retro Rear Sight

Firing Pin: Caspian
Firing Pin Stop: EGW Oversize
Extractor: Caspian 4340 Steel
Spare Extractor Fitted: Caspian 4340 Steel
Recoil Guide Rod: Ed Brown "GI Style" Guide Rod
Recoil Plug Included with EGW Set

Fire Control - Labor: Set to 4.5 pull, all parts prepped and fitted
Trigger: Greider Short Pull, Solid sides
Disconnector: Cylinder and Slide Set #372
Sear: Cylinder and Slide Set #372
Hammer: Cylinder and Slide Set #372
Hammer Strut: Ed Brown "Perfect Geometry"
Hammer Strut Pin: Caspian Pin Kit

Thumb Safety: Kings #201, Recontoured
Grip Safety: Use OEM (If possible) fit to trigger bow
Round frame tangs, GS, and bob hammer - Labor
Mainspring Housing: Ed Brown Flat & Smooth
MSH Plungers: Caspian Pin Kit
Slide Stop: Kings #202
Mag Release Assembly: Ed Brown Extended
Hammer and Sear Pins: Caspian Pin Kit
Ejector: Caspian
Ejector Pin : Caspian Pin Kit
Plunger Tube: Caspian
Safety Plungers: Caspian Pin Kit

Grip Screws: Fusion Narrow Slot (Slim)
Grip Screw Bushings: Fusion Slim Bushings (Staked)
Stocks (grips): Supplied Esmeralda Slim

Springs - Wolff Throughout
Recoil Spring: 17# Wolff
Firing Pin Spring: Wolff XP
Hammer Spring: Wolff 19#
Sear Spring: Wolff, tuned with trigger job
Plunger Spring: Wolff

Refit Slide to Frame - Peen rails only
Cameo Serrations MSH
Machine Magwell to Max Opening
Cameo Serrations Frontstrap (trued and slight high cut)
Modifiy MSH for Recessed Lanyard Loop
Lower and Flare Ejection Port
Dehorn entire pistol
Test fire for function, accuracy, and sight regulation
IonBond DLC Finish
Polished flats to 1200 grit, all metal prep included

Round Trip Shipping - IonBond
Nitre Bluing on Below Pins and Screws
Supply extra small pins kit (Nowlin)
Supply extra Wilson Firing Pin
Supply extra thin-slot grip screws (slim Fusion)
Supply Kings Narrow Slot for Ivory Stocks
Extra Ed Brown Hammer Strut

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Almost forgot the pics:


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D&V Built Carry Gun:

D&V Operator:

I also have an Azn Custom Chop SA Mil Spec.

Chambers Custom Colt Coming this fall!

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Bump and I added more pics.

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Simply amazing work!!!

Jason Burton said:

This year's project is really one to get excited about! The beneficiary group for our current effort is the Naval Special Warfare Foundation. The NSWF is a well established and well organized non-profit that has an efficient mechanism for their fundraising efforts. The Naval Special Warfare Foundation conducts many large fundraising events throughout the year in order to benefit those who served in the sea commando services and LTW is thrilled to be a part of this great and worthy charity.

Like previous LTW collaborations, this pistol is something extraordinary. This project’s pool of knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship was provided by the following gunsmiths: Steve Bailey of Heirloom Precision, Stan Chen of Legacy Custom, Ned Christiansen of Michiguns LTD., CT Brian of CT Brian Custom, and Don Williams of The Action Works. The frame and slide were donated to the foundation by Springfield Armory and serial numbered to denote the year of completion, LTW 2009. Most of the parts were donated by the foremost friend to the gunsmithing trade and staple of the firearms industry Brownells. Both Brownells and Springfield Armory, along with other companies, have been steadfast supporters of LTW from the beginning.

With the parts in hand and the project’s direction defined Stan Chen began by machining the front strap and mainspring housing for his “Progressive Traction“ checkering after which Don Williams fit the frame and slide, barrel and bushing, and installed the ejector and extractor along with performing the reliability work. Steve Bailey fit the beavertail and thumb safety followed by CT Brian who ball-cut and bordered the slide, performed a trigger job, crowned the barrel, flush-cut and countersunk the slide stop/slide stop pin hole, and de-horned the gun. Finally Ned Christiansen installed a Dawson light rail, fit a dovetailed front sight, modified the slide to accept his “Shield Driver” rear sight as well as doing the final zeroing and detailing of the gun. A holster set was custom made by Josh Bulman of Bulman Gunleather. Josh’s work looks as much like fine art as it does functional leather and for this project Josh made his SDS holster, QDMP magazine carrier, and QLC flashlight carrier all finished in an exquisite two-tone honey and mahogany finish.

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Sweet mother of John Moses Browning,.....I just wet myself! Multiple times! :faint:
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