SOLD Full Custom A2 Knives 1 Off, Large A6 Inter-frame

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    Jun 17, 2018
    Alright fellas,

    This is a duzy of a full blown hand crafted, full custom, beast of a folding knife designed by the French designer “Tashi Barrucha”, called the (Large) A6 Skyline, Hans crafted by (2) South African Master Class Custom Knife Makers: “The King”, Andre Thorburn & ”The mad Jester”, Andre Van Heerden which make up the brand: “A2 KNIVES” and boy do they come out with some of the most sought after knives in the world, I know I’m still wanting a few more of there models. This isn’t a little knife by any means of the word. I call it the Beauty & the Beast with full 4” hand grounded blade made with CTS-XHP steel with a hand rubbed satin finish & it has enough belly for a couple of my beer drinking brothers, lol. The edge never used to cut nothing and is unmolested; then the scales (holy sh*t what a masterpiece) so titanium scales that are then given a mirrored blue anodization with a tuned to absolute perfection ceramic Detent & probably a ton of loose micro ceramic IKBS bearings for guillotine, drop-shut-action (I’ve never disassembled or even stuck a torx head into the pivot for nothing). Then comes the real magic of the “Inter-Frame”.... The scales are a carbon fiber and a beautiful, blue piece, of CTEK (giving its name the skyline) that is hand fit like a jigsaw puzzle piece & it’s fit so perfectly, you would think it was born interweaved in with the carbon fiber that is of course hand contoured and polished to like a craftsmanship that separates the amateur’s from the big boys. The scales have a soo much depth and did I mention they are flawless. This is my gem and both scales mirror each other; then top it all off with a partial carbon fiber back-spacer & a deep carry contoured titanium clip with a large ceramic bearing imbedded at the end for easy in and out of the pocket. This is the only one that looks like this in the world and is priced accordingly which I’m firm on its pricing so don’t bother offering anything below the listed. Want a masterpiece, well it’s looking at ya! I’m not even thinking that listing it is in my best interest but hey, it’s just a knife, right .

    $1425; Will ONLY ACCEPT F&F PAYPAL or F&F VENMO (Will not accept G&S). Once Payment is verified and in my hands, item will ship immediately. USPS Priority, Fully Insured.

    Enjoy the Pictures. I do have Video of its super thwack deployment and drop shut ceramic IKBS bearing action. So don’t hesitate to ask a question or voice your concern!

    Thanks for looking!
    89006D44-D037-432E-BF76-86040DFA5DB5.jpeg 7F685DC3-53E7-4FFB-B5C1-99001AFF0515.jpeg 27F891F5-A087-4651-9B6B-346A50FEC8DF.jpeg 824FF904-2D09-4126-8FD8-B4DE4D056BD7.jpeg D0D111F5-FAF5-4766-9364-320AFA07573F.jpeg E405909A-08CD-4D27-88F5-FAD9AFE9F516.jpeg 0612729C-EDDB-4D6E-B408-1C52CE3EE179.jpeg 734CB675-C386-4E0C-B4A4-8FF7E210A033.jpeg BD5613A1-F44F-42D9-93E9-7F21D47EA698.jpeg 70160AB9-65F5-458E-A066-A361AE7AD214.jpeg
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    Another gorgeous offering!!
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  3. x95mk220

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    Jun 17, 2018

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