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  1. Wyatt Withers

    Wyatt Withers New Member

    Dec 10, 2018
    Ive been recently searching for a new 1911 to buy and ran across Fusion as I have been searching for a higher end officers size 1911 and wanted to get a custom 1911 with specific options. On their website and Facebook page they advertise that buying one of their freedom series 1911s and adding your options of choice is one of the most economical ways to get a custom 1911. They state that the slide to frame fit as well as slide and barrel is gunsmith fitted. I was looking at their Bantam-R gun with options to my personal preferences. Has anyone purchased one of these that can attest to the quality and fit of these models?

    I currently own a Wilson combat, Les baers, Dan Wesson and colts and was wondering how they may compare to the Les baer and Wilson combat. I know that the owner had a big part in Dan Wesson making them the big name they are today which makes me think very positively About them.

    I did consider going with nighthawk or another Wilson combat but I really want a quality 3” 1911 for carry as I had a kimber raptor ultra in the past and although I sold it because of reliability issues, it was one of the most comfortable concealed carried 1911s that I’ve ever owned and want to get one again with hopes of getting one that may perform better.

    The total cost on this 1911 with the options I was considering is right around 1500. I was impressed by one of their 1911s that I handled in the past although it was a ‘full custom’ gun that they had built.

    Any input would be appreciated


    Apr 5, 2015
    While I don't own one of their Freedom Series. I do own one of their full customs. They are pretty equal in quality, fit, finish and accuracy to many much higher priced guns. I see occasionally when resold they do not have the same resale values. I actually don't know why as they are great guns. I am sure their Freedoms are nice.

  3. TonyDUSMC

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    Dec 8, 2018
    Next month I’m buyin the Riptide C on par maybe with Dan Wesson, but for less money
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  4. boatdoc

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    Aug 3, 2015
    I have 2 freedoms..a Gold in 45--great gun.sweet price. made me think a government in 9mm was a good next choice. Gun is very nice, very accurate BUT it has been back to them 3x and one time I paid a gun smith to get the gun to eject @ anything other than 6 o'clock. still hit me in the forehead everytime. They should have replaced the gun but did not Finally I put in a WC extractor, still ejected @ 6 o'clock BUT it ejected over my head now. I consider that acceptable--for now anyway

    the fusions are very nice guns and the Servas are great to deal with. wish they would have done right by me though. after 2 x back in the shop, I feel they should have replaced the gun
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