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    Mar 8, 2017
    up for sale or trade is a gcode incog holster for a 4.25” 1911 with mag carrier. It is slightly used, but still in great condition. I recently purchased a Garrett industries and prefer it.

    $70 shipped or prefer to trade for a Garrett industries holster for an STI 2011 either 4.1 or 5”. Thanks for looking. FAD88A69-BCE6-4F8F-B737-A15ADEC4EA05.jpeg FA269ED7-8ACE-4424-BFB0-92838419BAE2.jpeg 86EDF40C-F4A8-4394-A5ED-6B00117EB5A0.jpeg BD057106-ABC0-4284-BCB3-7C0C14766EE2.jpeg 06ADADE8-7DC2-44D0-9799-65F1F6F8231F.jpeg
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