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Gen 2 staccato grip extended mag release

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Anybody know of a extended mag release for a gen 2 grip. I can find gen 1 but no gen 2
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It doesn’t exist. You might be able to find a smith who can drill and tap your factory one and then you can screw in the Dawson button but that’s all I’ve really seen done.
I think the 10-8 is at least checkered for some more purchase on it. They make a gen 1 and gen 2... but it's not larger in diameter from my understanding
I have not found an extended for the G2/G3 grips either. However, I completely agree that the 10-8 button is configured in a way that makes it work “like” an extended one…and I am a guy that likes extended everything on my guns :)
the 10-8 is really good on the Staccato, it works very well. I have one on a custom 1911 and I wasn't terribly thrilled with it (seemed to just poke me wrong), but it feels great on the Staccato.

I have one one a ACW Quantico HC, I actually had to do some fitting (I did a horrible job). I don't know if it was out of spec or what, but the channel was too narrow and the tab for the pin (?) wouldn't fit. You can't see it, but my work is ugly. Yes, I got the right one.
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