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Gendai Nobuhide WW2 Japanese Sword

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Selling my sword collection and Listing a very nice sword by the gendai smith Minamoto Nobuhide in gunto koshirae.
This was purchased from professional dealer Ray Singer in 2018. The blade is 66cm long and is without kizu. Moto-haba is 32mm. The hamon is a large gonome. Nakago is in excellent condition with a large clear mei and date.

The koshirae is very interesting, as the tsuka has been wrapped with brocaide silk underneath the tsukamaki. The menuki are in the shape of tsurugi (ken). The saya has it's leather cover intact. The koshirae does not include the tassel.

mei: Minamoto Nobuhide Kore o Tsukuru
nengo: Showa ni ju nen go gatsu hi. $2500 plus shipping
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