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Just picked this up a couple months ago, and it’s one of my favorites. Trigger is sweet, and the sights are regulated very well. Barrel lockup is pretty amazing on this one.

There are some slight imperfections in the finish on the right side of the slide. I’ve done my best to capture that in the pics.
Melonite Slide over CCH Frame, .45

*Wont ship with the Cherokee Hills Grips.
Will ship with 2 sets of Frag Grips, G10 and Aluminum. The Aluminum set of grips has a techwell-magwell option.

8/23/17 build date

$3,100 shipped, FFL to FFL

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood
Wood Air gun Everyday carry Gun accessory Gun barrel
Air gun Trigger Everyday carry Gun barrel Gun accessory
Air gun Trigger Hood Shotgun Gun barrel
Hand Finger Gesture Thumb Camera accessory
Air gun Automotive exterior Gun accessory Composite material Wood
Hood Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire Grey
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