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I've slowly been getting back to the range after a few elbow and shoulder surgeries this year. The GI NN spacegun I bought and traded back to Cajun awhile ago. When I seen he had it back up for sale it came back home. The Volkmann I picked up new a few weeks ago and the SA Hellcat I've had for about a week.

The GI was easier for me to handle and rack the slide. It shot really smooth. The Volkmann had a bit more felt recoil, but it's a really nice 1911.

Now that little Hellcat took a bit to get used to, but it ended up grouping well for me at 15 yards. The slide wasn't locking back on the last round because my mitts were riding the slide. Otherwise a nice little gat. Racking the slide was difficult for me. My grip strength is non existent, but getting better.

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