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Glock 17L Target LONG SLIDE with 9" barrel with compensator barrel weight

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This thing will turn your normal G17 into a MONSTER. It took forever to get, was on waiting lists for months so I made two. I am keeping the gold one. This thing has NO muzzle flip, it is a laser. I am selling for what I paid. You get the labor, the wait time, the searching included...

It can go on any Glock 17/34 Gen3 frame and probably other Gen frames too (do your research). Test fired only. There are dimple marks on the barrel for the compensator/barrel weight set screws. Depending on if you want to use it as a barrel weight or compensator, you would set the screws in different locations.

Build list:
PRICE: $750 ($10 off)

Buyer pays shipping, all sales final
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New photos due to request
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