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I have a really nice Glock 19 worked over by Lane at Cold Bore Customs... I am looking to sell it outright or trade into +/- CASH for the right 1911. 1911 Bobtails and 9mm's are something I am actively hunting for, I prefer Springfield and Dan Wesson's. This pistol is cross posted.

Like many of you I own and carry both 1911's and plastic fantastic Glocks.

This gun to me is perfection for an every day carry piece.


Glock 19 Gen 3
Trijicon HD sights
Cold Bore Customs grip/frame work
Titanium Nitride coated barrel.
Slight carry wear from riding in a Milt Sparks VM2


This was my carry gun for a couple of years until I built an identical G17 with a G19 grip chop. This gun has about 500 rounds through it with ZERO malfunctions. The internals were kept 100% Glock for reliability. This is a numbers matching frame, slide, barrel. I added Trijicon HD's about 2 years ago and they glow BRIGHT! This is the yellow front dot version that allow the user to illuminate the front glow in the dark sight ring giving the shooter a massive front dot in low light conditions. They have the three dot tritium inserts front and rear.

The barrel was sent to Middle Branch Machine for barrel coating service. The TiN coated barrel makes cleaning a breeze and keeps the gun running smooth between maintenance/lubing. The coating is flawless.

The gun frame and grip was worked over by Lane at Cold Bore Customs. This actually started out as Lane's personal backup off duty gun. The following work has been masterfully done to the frame:
Full 360* grip reduction giving a 1911-like grip angle
Removal of Glock rear strap "hump"
Removal of finger grooves
Extended back strap to sit flush with the magazine (more grip surface)
Undercut trigger guard
Rounded trigger guard
Textured trigger guard
Scalloped mag release
Conceal carry texture

This gun is fantastic, carries like a dream and is 100% reliable as you'd expect from a Glock 19 gen 3... is it the perfect plastic carry gun? I think so. I have only fired 200 rounds of Federal HST since the build up to confirm carry ammo reliability. This gun is 100%. It's a Glock 19 for crying out loud, all other plastic carry guns bow to the G19 ;)

I have nearly $1,100 into this build up.
Glock 19 $500
Cold Bore Custom $450
Trijicon HD sights $130
TiN coating $65

I am asking $800 shipped to your FFL in the USA. I'll knock off $35 for a face to face sale in Montana.

My feedback is 100% here but with only 2 interactions but I have 100% feedback on AR15.com with 112 Positive Feedback (Rezarf2 Username) and I don't consider the deal done till you're happy.



I am looking for Springfield, Colt and Dan Wesson 1911's in 9mm and 45acp in any working condition. Plus or minus cash to make a deal.

Special deal considerations for a Springfield EMP 4 Contour in 9mm, or any Dan Wesson Bobtail

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