Glock Jams???

Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by seagiant, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. fieldgrade

    fieldgrade resident crank

    Mar 13, 2017
    Glock jam?
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  2. wrmiller

    wrmiller The Tinker

    Oct 29, 2016
    I've seen it happen quite frequently, but I'm not about to say anything around the True Believers as it might start a fight. ;)
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  3. Apollo99

    Apollo99 Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2017
    Looks like she shot over 10 times and is seems like the Glock jammed because he tried to grab it and jammed it up. The Glock was working fine until muzzle made some sort of contact with the perp. Also WRMILLER them there is fighting words.:roflmaro::roflmaro::roflmaro:
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  4. sawman556

    sawman556 Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2020
    It happens with 1911's, Glocks and every other semi-auto. The cop handled it well.
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  5. fieldgrade

    fieldgrade resident crank

    Mar 13, 2017
    I S.O. IDPA matches, (or did until I took the summer off), and we have a lot of Glock shooters. The primary reason I see them jam is when people run crappy reloads.
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  6. seagiant

    seagiant Well-Known Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    I didn't see before that he touched the slide.

    Might of been enough to slow it up and jam the pistol.

    You can tell the LEO had trained in clearing the weapon.

    Someone that close with a knife, can do a lot of damage to say the least.

    I was talking to an older Gentleman at our Gun Club and he showed me a scar on the outside of his hand.

    He was pumping gas at a station and a guy approached him with a knife to rob him.

    He was carrying but tried to talk to the guy first and got cut.

    When he pulled his pistol the guy ran.

    He said next time he see's a knife, it's going to be shoot first, then talk!

    You could tell he was still mad about getting cut!!!
  7. Babboonbobo

    Babboonbobo Avatar is back to my favorite things!

    Nov 18, 2014
    :cool2:Watch this;)

    GLOCKS SUCK!!!!:jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop:
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  8. Glock2740

    Glock2740 1911 addict Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 16, 2011
    The only Glock that is impervious to a jam is the Gen 17. These are made specifically for the real gun handlers in hollyweird. These are the models that can make a clicking hammer being cocked sound or a shotgun being racked sound every time they are even pointed at something.
    These are also pretty rare and hard to come by for the average shooter, as they are 100% undetectable by a metal detector and can’t even be sniffed out by K-9 units.
    Just imagine the carnage if these were on the streets!
    The horror!

    Serenity now.
    Serenity now.
    Serenity now.

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  9. fieldgrade

    fieldgrade resident crank

    Mar 13, 2017
    I don’t shoot Glocks in matches because they bore me.
    But I carry one every day, have another in the truck, and another on my night stand.

    Even Ken Hackathorn said of 1911’s, “World’s finest close quarters combat weapon, and king of feedway stoppages."
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  10. wrmiller

    wrmiller The Tinker

    Oct 29, 2016
    Well fortunately I don't have feeding/extracting/ejecting issues with any of my 1911/2011 pistols unless something physically breaks (happened right in the middle of the darn stage too! :mad: )
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  11. Bugs

    Bugs Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2011
    Yup, or improper grip on the weapon.
  12. B81

    B81 Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2018
    I was in a pistol bay next to a new shooter a few weeks ago. She was young, petite, and shooting a G19. She could barely get a shot off without it jamming. RSO (a former Marine) comes by to try to help. Picks up the gun and does a mag dump without a problem. She tries again and the gun chokes after the first shot.

    I asked the RSO about it. He says new shooters often have problems with their Glocks because of limp wristing. I guess they tend to be sensitive to that.
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  13. Bugs

    Bugs Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2011

    Yup, I can shoot any of my Glocks all day without an issue. Let a female shooter try it and "woila" it jams. Obviously the guns fault. LOL
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  14. fieldgrade

    fieldgrade resident crank

    Mar 13, 2017
    I haven’t shot enough other polymer guns to know, but any lighter gun reacts more to recoil impulse, than an all steel blaster..
  15. forester4259

    forester4259 Member

    Jun 18, 2019
    Took my gf to shoot her first pistol about a year ago, a Glock 19. Had it for years and never had an issue but, like your encounter, she had FTF on round 2 of first mag. Really opened my eyes on Glocks.
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  16. Kip

    Kip Sir Kip Esquire

    Apr 12, 2016
    Any idea how many hits she got in?
    Kinda sends the "9mm vs Trench gun" on its ear.
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  17. Old Rooster

    Old Rooster Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2020
  18. Old Rooster

    Old Rooster Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2020
    Just give me time to get popcorn.
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  19. Old Rooster

    Old Rooster Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2020
    I agree. She cleared it in a heartbeat and did her best to maintain distance.
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