Glock Tactical Light with Laser

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    Oct 18, 2018
    Fellow Addicts - Up for sale is a Glock Tactical Light with Laser. It's never been used and works great. Batteries and original box included. It's listed for sale on the Glock Store website for $247.49. My Addicts price is $150 shipped to you if payment made via PayPal "Friends & Family.

    Product details:

    This is a marvel of engineering in that it is lightweight, small, easy to operate and fits on the rails of your Glock pistol like it grew there. The light is very bright (65 lumens) featuring Xenon-technology electronics and powered by two lithium batteries (included). The laser lens is directly below the light and can be set to pulse on, just like the light, by depressing the soft Switch with either your trigger finger or the thumb of your non-shooting hand.

    The light and laser can be worked independently, and both can also be switched to constant on. Made by Glock for Glock pistols this ingenious tactical light will fit all Glock models with accessory rails as well as Springfield XDs and most other handguns with the rail system.

    20181122_091916_resized.jpg 20181122_091924_resized.jpg 20181122_091933_resized.jpg 20181122_091941_resized.jpg
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