Gough Custom - Making a knife the high-tech way ...

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    Feb 16, 2018
  2. John Blazy

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    Nov 20, 2018
    Very cool video. Wish I had a shop that clean and well equipped. Only part I differ is that he solvent wipes the blasted G10 prior to epoxy laminating, which is fine, but is not necessary, just a good air hose blast, because any micro dust absorbs into the epoxy and does not affect adhesion. Solvent wiping with a paper towel or clean cotton cloth can actually deposit a micro film of whatever chemical binder might be in the cloth / paper towel, which of course is totally OCD on my part, as is their OCD on wiping the G10, so we are both insane.
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  3. Busa Dave

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    Mar 3, 2018
    The way we do this when gluing actions or bases and rings is to blast with brake cleaner with no wipe! :)
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    Jun 6, 2018
  5. Mike0251

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Hell of an engineer on top of being a machinist and craftsman! Enjoyed this! Thank you.

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