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In true addicts fashion, an opportunity presented itself that I must take! An item I’ve been chasing has been offered to me that I have to have;)
I had money for it and then the wife decided we needed to remodel our kitchen so now I need to try and raise some funds to acquire my precious!:sneaky:

Next up is an Heavy duty Grayman Dua with custom made Kevlar scale by sixthreebladeworks!

I am going to ask $375 but will entertain offers. In standard addicts fashion, the first I’ll take it in the thread gets it.


Also the last picture is of all the knives I’m going to offer up, as soon as I have enough money for the purchase then the rest will be taken down.
Also available will be
Pena Rhino
Grayman Satu CF
Olamic Wayfarers 247
Rick Hinderer 3.5” drop point blue scale
Jarosz Kepler
Chris Reeve large Sebenza 21 w/fresh spa treatment

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