Great movie, The Highwaymen

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DukeSoprano, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. DukeSoprano

    DukeSoprano Supporting Addict Supporting Addict

    Jan 17, 2013
  2. Dwe

    Dwe I'm a terminal 1911 Addict!

    Sep 4, 2011
    Just watched it this week.

    Excellent movie!
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  3. zipper046

    zipper046 Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2013
    this is like the 6th or 7th review/suggestion stating that this is a great movie.....gonna have to add this one to my ever growing Watch List!
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  4. B81

    B81 Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2018
    I watched this on Netflix last week. I enjoyed it.

    Long gone are the days when a man could walk into a gun store and buy machine guns without any kind of Federal approval.

    I'm curious to know how close the movie followed the real history.
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  5. glazer1972

    glazer1972 Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    The best Netflix movie I’ve ever saw. Some liberty was taken with story line and weapons.
  6. Bud White

    Bud White Member

    Sep 4, 2018
    Watched It last night Really Good
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  7. GIJoke

    GIJoke A meat popsicle I am

    Aug 28, 2018
    That big pig was gonna light into the dude til that there ranger fella called em off!
  8. Colorado Sonny

    Colorado Sonny Deo Volente Supporting Addict

    Sep 25, 2015
    I might actually watch this, but I will have to read up on Bonnie & Clyde first. Seen their car and read short monographs...
  9. gps man

    gps man Well-Known Member

    Nov 7, 2015
    Yep! Watched it twice already. It’s great.

    My Paternal grandparents are from that east Texas country that Bonnie and Clyde ran around in.

    My grandma told us stories about how they were stopped one night out on a lonely country road by the law and approached with caution just because they might have been B&C.

    Different times indeed! Those three boys put working hard building fence and not thinking anything about a guy pulling up to do target practice.

    I highly recommend it to everyone.
  10. Doc45

    Doc45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 26, 2018
    Just to clarify The Highwaymen focuses on Hamer and Gault and their pursuit of B&C. I've talked about this film on other forums, greatly enjoyed it and accepted the historic liberties as it's a dramatization. Costner and Harrelson do great jobs with their characters. From the reading I've done over the years on Hamer I feel Costner really brought him off the pages.

    The gunstore scene was especially entertaining.

    My other favorite viewing on Netflix was "Bodyguard" (NOT the Whitney Houston movie LOL) but the British production.
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  11. Cop_Out

    Cop_Out Pearl Pimp Supporting Addict

    Feb 3, 2017
    Very well done. I never knew Bonnie had a limp, but in fact she did.
  12. FWoo45

    FWoo45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2017
    I really enjoyed it but it did take two work nights to get through so that says I wasnt totally grasped by it.
  13. Fred_G

    Fred_G Known Agitator

    Dec 29, 2015
    Long, but pretty good movie. I really should go by the B&C museum one day, I live not too far from where it ended.


    Apr 5, 2015
    I enjoyed it, especially when Hamer "went shopping".....Can you imagine how much fun that would be now?. I think I am going to have to put lighting off a Thompson on full auto on my bucket list. Have already "fam fired" an M60, SAW...and of course an M-4 that I also slept with a little. It was pretty cuddly actually along with my poncho
  15. 1911fanatic

    1911fanatic Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2011
    Yep. I’m watching that one tonight.

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  16. ACP

    ACP Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2018
    Watched this one recently as well and really enjoyed it, reminded me of "Public Enemies" to a degree.
  17. john_anch_ak

    john_anch_ak Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Mar 7, 2017
    I watched it a couple of days ago. Anymore, I seem to not be able to find anything worth spending my time watching. But this one kept my attention! Woody was great! Kevin played his role great too. This is back when criminals were not the VICTIMS that the left spins today.
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  18. 1L26

    1L26 Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2018
    The guns of Bonnie and Clyde! Taken at the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco Texas.

  19. Dallas Knight

    Dallas Knight Max Otto von Stierlitz

    Jun 22, 2015
    I don’t know about that BLT sandwich Bonnie had in her lap (in the movie) but for all you addicts, she did reportedly have a Colt 45 in her lap. It fell to the floorboard in front of her, where it was recovered. It’s in the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville.
    They’re buried here in Dallas (but in separate cemeteries).
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  20. Dallas Knight

    Dallas Knight Max Otto von Stierlitz

    Jun 22, 2015
    I’ve got a question. Why only on Netflix

    Why not release it on “the big screen” via cinemas?
    (Or why not do both?). I’m sure there’s enough demand ($$) for a GOOD movie. Of all the crummy stuff presently at the cinema, I’ve got to believe a “good” movie would make millions.

    “Follow the money” is usually always true but I can’t figure out why this was a restricted release only through Netflix. The question in my mind is still the “why” of it?

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