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    Sep 25, 2015
    After at least a year I had Joe Perkins of Classic Single Action, (Grips) Call me for my place in line. If you look at his site you will be enthralled. You will be induced to order.

    I did place my order for two sets of blind screw amboyna burl grips for the twin Ruger/Bobby Tyler Vaquero pistols!


    Then Craig Spegel called about the 1911 grips for the Colt 1911 Gold Cup 9mm and .45ACP pistols. Cocobolo with mirror image Colt medallions! Oy Vey! A perihelion! The .45 ACP has been worked over by David Clevinger, but the 9mm has to wait.


    I will have to sell a couple of grips to keep up after the "Tax Increase" that took away the personal exemption of $4500.
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