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It's time to clear out some room on the grip shelf. I prefer PayPal, discrete F&F or you pay the fee, but I'm flexible. None of these are cut for an ambi safety. Sorry, lefties and tacky-tickle dudes. :)

1. Esmeralda's "Thor's Hammer" pattern in standard thickness for a compact. I have two sets, one pair cut for a mag well in first pic and one with beveled bottoms in second pic.

Edit: I see the mag well grips have some chipping around the lower screw hole and at the bottom-rear corner of one side, so reduced to $45 shipped. $60 shipped for the beveled pair.


Hammer Magwell.jpg


Hammer Bevel.jpg

2. Walnut burl from Lone Star Custom Grips. These are slim grips for a full size frame. The bottoms are beveled but cover the MSH pin. The finish is highly glossy and makes it hard to get a good pic, but the grain on these is deep and beautiful. They do have a couple of minor dings from carry that I think are well represented in the pic. $60 shipped.

Lone Star.jpg

3. Wood grips for a compact frame, slim profile with beveled bottoms. My wife got these a while back and I don't know where, or what wood they are. She had them on her ROC before she got into VZs. $40 shipped.

Wood grips.jpg

A better look at the grain:


4. SOLD. Fake ivories, standard thickness for a bobtailed full size frame. I bought these on another forum a few years ago so I don't know who made them. I can say they look pretty sweet on a DW Guardian, IMHO. $45 shipped.

Fake Ivories.jpg

5. Original Larry Davidson "Monkey Grips", black G10, in his 4x4 pattern. These are slim profile, beveled, for a compact frame. $45 shipped.


6. VZ Recons, blue/black, mag well cut, standard thickness with Super Scoop cutout, for a full size frame. One of VZ's most aggressive grips, and they look pretty good, too. $45 shipped.

Blue Black Recons.jpg

7. VZ Operators II, black, standard thickness with Super Scoop, cut for a bobtail.
$45 shipped.

Edit: Inserted clearer pic. First one was blurry.


Thanks for looking, ladies and gents (and the rest of you, too… you know who you are…) :) PM away!


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To the top. Still seven pairs available.
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