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Hi folks,
I'm listing some grips this morning that are essentially duplicates in my collection. None have been carried or shot but may have been mounted for the occasional pic.
All prices include shipping to you, and payment is via PayPal F&F or your check. Please message with any questions, and thanks for looking!

SOLD 1.) Hogue - Standard Size in Rosewood. No Ambi. 30.00 OBO
Communication Device Wood Mobile phone Rectangle Material property

SOLD 2.) Woodcaliber - Standard Size in Turkish Walnut. No Ambi. 75.00 OBO
Insect Pollinator Communication Device Wood Moths and butterflies

SOLD 3.) Esmeralda - Standard Size in Cocobolo. No Ambi. 75.00 OBO
Sleeve Grey Rectangle Wood Font

SOLD 4.) High Figure Grips - Les Baer Size in Desert Ironwood. No Ambi. 150.00 OBO
Wood Composite material Rectangle Metal Auto part

SOLD SOLD 5.) High Figure Grips - Les Baer Size in Box Elder Burl. No Ambi. 75.00 OBO
Skateboard deck Wood Skateboard Sports equipment Font

SOLD SOLD 6.) Authentic Sid Bell - Standard Size in Solid Pewter. No Ambi. 50.00 OBO
Font Sports equipment Art Artifact Nickel
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