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Gun charms are a thing now?

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What is this nonsense?!

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Dudes that would do that likely wear jangly bracelets and other such bullcrap.
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The faggotry continues.
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4 pages about gun charms :LOL: Do I feel another classic Addicts thread starting?

Gonna throw out a derail here and say that the ride in your avi pic is 100% Badass !!!!!!!!!!!!!
This trend started in a video game.
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Who cares as long as it grabs the younger crowds attention. There will be rainbow colored private parts to my little ponys soon im sure.

Which is exactly where they should stay..........in an adolescent's video game.
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I dare someone take a class at Thunder Ranch with one of these on their guns. If you do, be sure to get a video of Clint's reaction.

Great thought. 👍

I like what he did to this jabrony's Fobus p.o.s. holster that would likely have gotten him killed if ever needed.

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Just look at it like the new shok buffs. Worthless on the inside or outside.

Way more insidious than the Shock Buffs. :giggle:

Those may actually be useful during load development and range work. 👍

I see no upside to hanging plastic charms on weapons.

I'm not referring to Native American warriors who added medicine to their weapons.

This......is not that.

This is childish stupidly.
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Technically they’re rated M which is equivalent to R rated movies.

Technically, I don't give two fukks.

About silly video games......or charms on guns.
could have fooled me with as much crying as you’re doing about them.

Revising my prior statement.

I don't give three fukks.

Dumbass games, stupid charms or your bullshyt.
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