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  1. Philip A.

    Philip A. Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2017
    Having multiple guns (I'm quite sure that there are other people like this lurking around, maybe we should have meetings?), I roam various forums on the Net. Couldn't help to notice that, just like all guns are not equals, gun nuts do show some marked differences.

    HK guy:
    - Just found an original grip screw, late 1973, serial XTRM234987-J, a steal at $1,799.99! Got lucky, there were only 46 other bidders.

    1911 guy:
    - A crate of 1942 USGI magazines, still in the wrapper, $50.00 or will trade for 3 lbs of misc take-off parts

    HK guy:
    - Which way should I turn the old grip screw to take it out?
    HK crowd (yelling):
    - DON'T!!!!! DON'T TOUCH!!! Send your P16.3 to Grumblestickfluger!!! A grip screw? You want to change a grip screw by yourself??? Moderators, please BAN!

    1911 guy:
    - Am considering changing the hammer pin
    1911 crowd:
    - Since you're at it, check the engagement of the sear and hammer, you can get a new sear for cheap from (list of 32 different sellers/manufacturers follows), but you could as well make one from an old engine bolt, here are the original JMB drawings, 1915 revision. Don't forget to case-harden it when you're done, quite easy: you take leather, turn it into charcoal in an old tin box, then make a paste with...

    AK guy:
    - Got a shoebox with some torch-cut parts, am sure there is a Russian trunnion in there, and a Romanian trigger group, also seen what looks like a Bulgarian gas block, and some parts still too rusted to tell, what you guys think?
    AK crowd:
    - Wow!!! That's an original 1960 Izhevsk trunnion! Taken off a dead goon in a rice paddy in South-Western Screwistan by the great-grand dad of Mad Fox Mike when he was still a Lieutenant! Man, I'm drooling...
    Still AK crowd:
    - Now, you gonna need a hammer and the biggest trailer jack you can find at the scrapyard...

    SKS guy:
    - Found this Chinese SKS in the attic, my uncle Bob bought it at the hardware for $67.00 on his way back from high school. Most of the rust is mild, pitting is not very deep. What plastic stock would fit?
    SKS crowd:
    - Plastic??? Bubba Alert! Bubba Alert! They only imported 37 million of these, you're gonna destroy its COLLECTOR VALUE!!!
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  2. ReaperCustom45

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    Aug 7, 2019
    Don't forget the Glock crowd....
    Glock perfection, now lemme go dump $2k into improving "perfection"
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  3. FNFAN

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    May 15, 2013
    Anybody got more details on the:

    "Don't forget to case-harden it when you're done, quite easy: you take leather, turn it into charcoal in an old tin box, then make a paste with..."

    Asking for a friend.:confused:
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  4. Cop_Out

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    Feb 3, 2017
  5. taurn7

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    Nov 24, 2011
    And using only OEM mags for carry, but is fine with aftermarket AR, 1911 mags.

    We are all nuts here. :laugh:
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  6. AGENT P


    Jun 24, 2019
    This was a fun read thanks for posting.
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