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I have a Colt 01918 Repro that I am turning over to Ed Vandenburg to work his magic on this Monday. I have most of the parts already on hand and some other things that I want to get done. Just wanted to check to see what else I am missing or anything else I should look at getting put into this pistol.
Parts on hand
1. 10-8 slide stop
2. SDM .185" Gold Bead front sight
3. 10-8 NM rear sight
4. Ed Brown wide extended thumb safety
5. 10-8 flat trigger (4lb pull)
6. Ed Brown BTGS
7. 10-8 magazine catch
8. Harrison ignition set

Misc things I want to get done
1. Complete dehorn
2. Magazine well beveled
3. High cut front strap
4. If he does serrated front strap and MSH, if not get the front strap and MSH checkered.

Things I am undecided on
1. Flatten top
2. Ball cuts

I am looking for this to more or less be my last 1911. I have another S70 repro, Sig Tac-Ops carry with TB, NHC AAC, and one more NHC AAC on the way. Shooting my others I have learned what I like and don't like, so I am going to have him build this one exactly how I want. Any opinions on my parts list or work details are more than welcome.


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Flat top no because it takes away from the shape I love. Ball cuts yes. Assume CO hammer is in there.

With all that I'd checker front and MSH for sure. If you're going Blued finish then nitre sprinkles. Have you seen the one Heirloom did for BAC?
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