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Guncrafter Industries No-name Commander in .45 ACP with Turnbull Blue finish with a 2015 build date.

General info on the pistol-
The first owner states he purchased it brand new, but never shot it. The second owner states he fired 100 rounds of factory 230 grain jacketed ball with no issues, and disclosed to me that the slide finish had a few small brass colored specks so I sent it to GI for refinish in Turnbull blue. I am the third owner and have never shot it, but I did a complete disassembly, cleaning & lubrication, and installed Challis thin grip screw bushings. The VZ Carbon Fiber ETC/Frag Grips shown in pics are not included, but you get the original wood grips and a black set of GI Shredder grips too. The package includes the two sets of grips, GI gun bag, towel, lock, test target, and 2 WC magazines along with one Tripp Cobra magazine. This is an outstanding Guncrafter Industries finished in Turnbull Blue at a superb price!

No Name Commander Base Price $2795
Black Trigger $25
Ambi Safety $95
Gold Bead Front Sight $150
U Notch Rear Ledge Sight $0
Turnbull Blue Complete Pistol $675
Magazine Well With Full Hand Blending $375
Ball Endmill Slide Cuts $115
Flush Cut Slide Stop and Chamfer Frame $50
Flush Cut Reverse Crown Barrel $100
ION Bond Barrel $125
GI Logo Behind Rear Cocking Serrations $0
Cocobolo Grips $0
GI Shredder Grips in black color $64
Challis Grip Screw Bushings $17
Tripp Cobra Magazine $35
Slide stripping, refinishing by Turnbull $217
Total $4804

Priced at $3425 FIRM shipped to your FFL.

Please contact me via email for quickest reply. Not interested in trades, no PayPal so USPS Money Order.
[email protected]

GI NN 1.jpg
GI NN 7.jpg
GI NN 8.jpg
GI NN 10.jpg
GI NN 12.jpg
GI NN 13.jpg
GI NN 14.jpg
GI NN 15.jpg
GI NN 16.jpg
GI NN 18.jpg

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Nighthawk Custom Heinie PDP 4.25" Bobtail Commander in .45 ACP built by Brennon High (Date Tested 1/19/2016).

I purchased this brand new and it is still unfired. It has been disassembled, cleaned & lubricated, and been upgraded with installed Challis grip screw bushings VZ grips & turbo grip screws (the original wood grips and grip screw bushings will be included too).

Complete package includes NHC green gun bag with gold logo, Owner’s Manual, Test Target, fired shell casing, bushing wrench, NHC decal, original hang tag, NHC logo leather key fob, two NHC 8-round magazines (one black, one stainless), one Tripp Cobra magazine, and plastic Army men as bonus SWAG.

Spare parts include:
EGW Extractor (fitted/prepped)
Harrison Design firing pin retainer (fitted/prepped)
Harrison Design firing pin with Wolff firing pin spring
Wolff Recoil Spring with firing pin spring

Build sheet price is over $4250. Priced at $3050 FIRM shipped to your FFL.

Please contact me via email for quickest reply. Not interested in trades, no PayPal so USPS Money Order.
[email protected]

PDP 3.jpg
PDP 5.jpg
PDP 7.jpg
PDP 8.jpg
PDP 9.jpg
PDP 11.jpg
PDP 12.jpg
PDP 13.jpg
PDP 16.jpg
PDP 23.jpg

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Nighthawk Custom GRP (Global Response Pistol) 5” barrel 1911 in .45 ACP.

This very nice pistol has two additional options- an ambidextrous thumb safety ($120) and a magazine well ($150). Judging from the gun’s condition, I doubt it was shot much (see VERY minimal wear on slide Marvel style disconnector cut shown in pics). The gun is tight and the bore is mint. There is a very small ring mark on the front strap checkering (pictured) and a very slight scratch from the slide stop going back into the frame (pictured). Other than that, this gun is about perfect. It comes with the soft case, 1 Wilson Combat magazine, and 1 un-used NHC magazine. The original manual and test target are missing. NHC confirmed the pistol was built on 3/20/2012 by Don Morris.

The GRP retails for $3095 from Nighthawk, and $3365 by adding the ambi-safety ($120) and the magazine well ($150).

Valued at $3529 with these upgraded parts shown in photos include: Novak Cut Gold Bead Front Sight ($76), 10-8 Rear sight that was polished/cold blued ($53), Challis grip screw bushings ($16), and VZ Turbo grip screws ($19). The original sight and grip screws are included too.

Priced at $2400 FIRM shipped to your selected FFL.

Please contact me via email for quickest reply. Not interested in trades, no PayPal so USPS Money Order.
[email protected]

GRP 2.1.jpg
GRP 3.jpg
GRP 4.jpg
GRP 2.10.jpg
GRP 2.11.jpg
GRP 2.12.jpg
GRP 2.15.jpg
GRP 2.18.jpg
GRP 2.19.jpg
GRP 2.23.jpg

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Les Baer TRS (Thunder Ranch Special) 5” barrel 1911 in .45 ACP with FCS and Severns Hard Hat.

SOLD to BAW659

This very nice pistol has a build date of January 2009, and has a very low round count (the original owner only fired 50 rounds). I am the second owner and fired about 300 flawless rounds before sending to Severns Custom in July 2017 to get some minor upgrades (shorten/flatten both slide stops, fit/tune spare extractor) and get his Hard Hat Treatment on the entire pistol including the spare parts. The gun has one “silvery” colored blemish on right side of frame about 1 inch forward of the trigger guard that is shown in pics. Challis grip screw bushings were installed along with a set of VZ Operator 2 “Punisher” grips, and VZ black colored Turbo grip screws. The original tritium sights were very dim so I had them replaced with a 10-8 U-Notch rear and 10-8 fiber optic front (the spare fiber optic rods will be included). Fifty rounds have been fired since the Hard Hat treatment during my CCW Qualification and it ran flawlessly. Total round count fired from this workhouse is 450 rounds.

It comes with a soft gun sock, one Wilson Combat magazine finished in Hard Hat Treatment with Tripp follower kit, one stainless Wilson Combat magazine with a Tripp follower kit, cardboard box with matching Serial Number label (box is longer than the ones I have previously seen so I don’t know if it is original)

Priced at $2350 FIRM shipped to your selected FFL. SOLD to BAW659

Additional spare parts fit and finished by Severns Custom:
Slide Stop
Extended Magazine Release
Harrison Design Extractor
Harrison Design Firing Pin Retainer

Replaced/spare parts:
Harrison Design Firing Pin
Wilson Combat Flat-Wire Recoil Spring System
Challis grips screw bushings
VZ black colored Turbo grip screws
VZ grips Operator II Black Punisher #2 Engraving
10-8 Rear Sight
10-8 Fiber Optic Front Sight

Original parts included:
TRS thin grips with grip screws
Original Firing Pin and Firing Pin Spring
Original Firing Pin Retainer
Original Recoil Guide Rod and Recoil Spring

Please contact me via email for quickest reply. Not interested in trades, no PayPal so USPS Money Order.
[email protected]

Les Baer TRS 2.jpg
Les Baer TRS 3.jpg
Les Baer TRS 6.jpg
Les Baer TRS 9.jpg
Les Baer TRS 11.jpg
Les Baer TRS 13.jpg
Les Baer TRS 14.jpg
Les Baer TRS 15.jpg
Les Baer TRS 16.jpg
Les Baer TRS 17.jpg
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