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Guncrafter Industries Model #4 .50 GI Long Slide

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Up for sale is this GI Model #4 with bag, factory test target, and two magazines. The Model #4 sports a 6" barrel, melanite finish, and has Trijicon front/rear sites. This might be the single best Bowling Pin Shooting Gun on the market today. This particular gun was made in June of 2017. I appears to have been lightly used with very little signs of use by looking at the melanite finish. I am an FFL and will ship to a FFL only. If you are interested, please message me about payment but keep in mind that I do not take credit cards.

$3500 Shipped. I will discount sales price if you can provide your own label.

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Nothing like a 50 GI!
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True nothing like a 50 GI. hits like a sledge hammer, and reloading the cases is the same as a .45 AUTO.
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