SOLD Guncrafter Industries No Name 1911

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by Boscosig, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Boscosig

    Boscosig Active Member

    Mar 17, 2016
    Good Evening

    Up for consideration is a
    Guncrafter No Name .45
    Government Model
    Round Count 2300rds
    Original Specs
    Med Black Trigger
    Night Sites
    Functional Magwell
    Flush cut and crowned Barrel
    Flush Cut Slide Stop
    This Summer I sent the pistol in for the Guncrafter wellness check-
    Got the magwell blended, Barrel ion bonded blacks, and got red fiber optic on the front site. Guncrafter recoated the gun after the magwell blend.
    Price is $2400 shipped

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  2. Scaramouche

    Scaramouche Student of the Columbian Exchange Supporting Addict

    Sep 15, 2015

  3. Raylan Givens

    Raylan Givens Never Forget

    Aug 18, 2015
  4. RN47

    RN47 I'm just here for the gas. Supporting Addict

    Feb 22, 2018
    If you get simple beauty and naught else, you get about the best thing God invents.

    ---Famous Dead Guy Quote
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  5. MSGT2511

    MSGT2511 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    May 14, 2016
    Very nice, and very nice upgrades. That is one thing that surprises me about GI, the "functionally blended" magwell on such an otherwise awesome firearm (the fully blended is several hundred dollars more to add to an order). Very good choice on having it fully blended, refinished, AND having the barrel done in Ion Bond. Great price for the gun with the upgrades. Good luck with the sale!
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  6. JRK1990

    JRK1990 Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2019
    Beautiful gun! I am tempted..hmmmm
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  7. BigSkyGuy

    BigSkyGuy Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2018
    You better grab it before @Addicted2gunz sees it!:grin:
  8. sammieiii

    sammieiii Well-Known Member

    Apr 18, 2016
    She’s a beauty! GLWS!

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  9. Renegade4006

    Renegade4006 Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    Oh have mercy Miss Percy that is sweet.

    I'm wanting a GI No Name but darn it the timing is bad. Had to buy a new washer and dryer today.
  10. Torrey Riches

    Torrey Riches Member

    Jul 20, 2017
    What is up with guncrafter and lanyard loop holes? If not for that I'd be interested.
  11. DPVY

    DPVY Well-Known Member

    Dec 1, 2017
    What is up is that we offer them.

    We also offer magwells and mainspring housings without lanyard loop holes.
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  12. bobo3020

    bobo3020 Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2014
    Like clean clothes are more important than another 1911!
  13. B81

    B81 Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2018
    Great price for a GI NN with fully blended magwell. As @MSGT2511 pointed out, GI charges a premium to fully blend a magwell.

    Had I not already put in an order for a new GI, I would be seriously considering this one.

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  14. Boscosig

    Boscosig Active Member

    Mar 17, 2016
    I forget to mention this pistol will ship with two wilson magazines and the guncrafter range bag
    The test target.
  15. Torrey Riches

    Torrey Riches Member

    Jul 20, 2017
    Not trying to disparage GI; I absolutely love mine. I just see a ton of them with this option. The only person I've ever seen actually use one though was a French cop.
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  16. Dwe

    Dwe I'm a terminal 1911 Addict!

    Sep 4, 2011
    I like it

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  17. Russdxt

    Russdxt Active Member

    Oct 22, 2016
    Awesome pistol. Is that a fiber optic front sight?

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  18. Boscosig

    Boscosig Active Member

    Mar 17, 2016

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