Half Time

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    An young married couple was turning in for the night, the husband slid under the covers and let loose a huge fart. His wife looked at him with total disgust and he said "seven points". She asked him what in the world are you talking about? He said it's fart football, I just made the first touchdown.
    His wife said we'll see who wins this, and cut one loose herself. She looked at him and said, "seven to seven", it's tied.
    The husband trying not to be out done, lets another one go, and said "fourteen to seven", I'm ahead.
    The wife in response lets another one go, looks at her husband and say "fourteen all". I just tied it up.
    About a minute later she lets out a little squeeker and say, "field goal", seventeen to fourteen, I'm ahead.
    The husband trying desperately to not loose, strains and grunts up trying to get another, for his efforts he plops a turd out on the bed. He turns to his wife and says "half time", switch sides.
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    A game you CAN'T play after 50... because "halftime," could be ANY time!!! :eek1::brb:
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