Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom #121 & 463

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    The cowboy legacy is color-blind.

    Don't be a racist, but beware those who think they have a moral high ground over others.

    Human nature is such that whoever is in power will attempt to lord over others.

    (Anyone who thinks cowboys were just of Northern European ancestry doesn't know much about the history of the West.)



    Cowboys in the old days didn't wear bandanas for fashion. They wore them to keep the dust from going down into their shirt which made them itch.

    (courtesy of Darrell Dukes, my dad's best man. Darrell worked the Proctor and Gamble Ranch in the 1930's and won appreciation of the ranch manager when he and his brother helped deliver a breached calf.

    As a child of the depression, Darrell remembers having enough to eat, but living with a tightened belt. Though his family had their own ranch in the Napa area, it wasn't until around 1940 when they could afford a toilet and hot water heater. Bath water was heated on a wood stove and the same water was used by at least three of his siblings.

    He also recalls his mother feeding "Knights of the Rail Yard," 16 to 18 year old day laborers who work for modest wages and a meal before moving on to the next town.

    Darrell attributes his work ethic and later successes to the character-building challenges of his youth).

    -Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom, Peter Coe Verbica
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    Thanks for sharing, Brother! Great lessons to live by!!
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