Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom # 282 - 285

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    # 282
    If you live in earthquake country or are just plain cautious, have two large trash cans full of food and beverage staples which will last for two years. At the end of one year, donate the contents of one trash can to a food bank and re-stock. If you want, you can also buy a higher-quality water filter used for camping to help ensure that you have access to potable water.

    # 283
    If you know of an efficient and non-toxic way of killing ground squirrels, you may persuade a ranch owner or two to let you hunt his property.

    # 284
    Rolled aluminum gates don't hold up too well, even if they are light and easy to hang.

    # 285
    To open a barbed wire and post gate (sometimes referred to as a "Portagee Gate") put your shoulder behind the fence post adjacent to the gate, grab the first post in the gate and pull it towards you. You'll create enough play to allow you to flip the wire catch off of the gate.


    Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom Peter Coe Verbica
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    Nice post and with pictures too. Thanks scaramouche!

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