Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom # 314 - 318

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    # 314
    In the old days, cowboys would carry bedrolls made out of blue jeans and stuffed with cotton.

    (Courtesy of Jim Harvey.)

    # 315
    Wild dogs will kill a cow's calf and chew a cow's ears off. Wild Bill Storm from Prescott roped a bunch of wild dogs which did this and killed them one by one with his pocket knife. He went back with a 30-30 and killed three more.

    (Courtesy of Jim Harvey.)

    # 316
    An estate can bring out the worst in people. Remember that no matter what, your family members are more important than property or things. You don't have to forget, but do your best to forgive. Worry about keeping your side of the street clean.

    # 317
    Don't startle a sleeping horse by approaching it from behind.

    (Courtesy of Finn Jenssen.)

    # 318
    Old cowboys know more than they let on, but often won't tell you how to do something in the belief that you'll remember something better if you learn from your own mistakes.

    Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom Peter Coe Verbica
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    Number 317 for sure. A long time ago, like way back when we were still teenagers my best friend and I..shall I say... had a few too many cold beers one night. We were at his house late one night or maybe it was early the next day... there was a horse in the pasture behind his house and he got the brainy idea that he wanted to go ride that horse which was sleeping. He slowly walked up to the horse, (that was still sleeping), and jumped on the horses back. He went for one wild and very short horse ride cause the horse was having none of this crap. The horse took off like a bandit and after maybe 30 feet or so my friend went flying off the horses back and landed in a batch of cactus. I never laughed so hard in my life! He had cactus stickers all over his back, legs and rear end. I had a great time pulling those stickers out! We still laugh over that one.
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