Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom # 351 - 354

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    # 351
    Pay attention to the bank and your footing when you're fly fishing if your wearing waders or you could drown. If the bank gives way or you lose your footing, you can be pulled down by the current

    (Courtesy of Marcus Erwin.)

    A fisherman I know of went down under eight feet of water, had to hold his breath, walked on the river bottom to get to the other side. He made it. Another fisherman who wasn't as lucky was dragged into the current, got stuck under a log and died.

    Deep water and rapids require increased vigilance.

    Double belting your waders tight can help. It's also been suggested to have a Coast Guard approved CO2 inflatable life vest and wear it properly.

    # 352
    Don't lean back on a chair in the cookhouse. If it's older wood or you're too heavy, you'll end up on the floor embarrassed and shelling money out for a new chair. (And, it's bad manners.)

    # 353
    Board and batten siding make for handsome barns.

    # 354
    Praying out loud with your spouse from time-to-time can let you face challenges together without your loved one feeling criticized.

    Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom Peter Coe Verbica
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    Yea but #352 will be good for a great laugh!!!!!!
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