Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom # 469 Part II

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    Table manners go a long way.

    To figure out whether the bread or beverage is yours, here's a simple trick: make a "b' with your left hand index finger and thumb (for 'bread") and a "d" with your right hand index finger and thumb (for "drink"). It's an easy way to remember whose is whose.

    If it's a fancy dinner, the utensils which you use for each course begin at the furthest edge from your plate. The fork at the top of your plate, if there us one, is probably for desert.

    Don't put your hat, cane or gun on the table.

    After dinner, don't use a toothpick at the table.

    If you'd like to be invited back, try not discussing politics or religion; ask questions of others instead of talking about yourself; look your hosts in the eye and thank them at least twice; when you get home, write them a "thank you" note.

    (This is just a partial list. Now you know why most of us prefer the simplicity of a ranch barbecue or a sandwich from a saddlebag in the Great Outdoors!)

    -Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom Peter Coe Verbica
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