Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom # 85 - 89

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    Sep 15, 2015
    # 85
    Know how to tie a few decent knots, including a honda for roping and a quick-release knot for hitching your horse.


    Here's a simple quick release knot




    # 86
    Saddle bags are a decent investment, but make sure that they're strapped down properly.

    # 87
    Check your cinch.

    # 88
    Don't let your horse graze while you are trail riding. It's a bad habit for the horse and a worse one for the rider.

    # 89
    If you come upon a gate that's closed, CLOSE IT!

    Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom
    Peter Coe Verbica
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    Jul 29, 2013
    If you pull the knot out of a rope, it's toast. Cut it up and make tieropes out of it.

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    Thanks for posting Scaramouche. Unless you have a key you always respect a closed gate. That's in my "How not to get shot at" wisdom since age 15. It wouldn't have hurt much through all the clothes, but the sound of that shotgun and six shot hitting the leaves nearby did leave an indelible mark while my trespassing buddies and I lit out!
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