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Here is a beautifully executed Harrison Custom Colt in superb condition. The list of custom work done includes:

Naked slide
Serrated top of slide
Serrated rear of slide
Serrated rear of extractor and ejector
EGW hammer and trigger job
High cut frame under trigger guard
SDM tactical rear and MGW front dovetail sight
Wilson Combat beaver tail safety
Ed Brown extended wide thumb safety
Beveled mag well
Carry bevel package
EGW plunger tube
Refinish in IonBond DLC with polished flats
Handcrafted Walnut grips

A complete package, including gun, original labeled Colt blue case, owners manual, all original parts, Harrison build sheet, test target and two Colt mags. $2450 shipped.

Brown Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory
Gun Firearm Trigger Red Gun accessory
Office equipment Everyday carry Office supplies Stationery Wallet
Gun Firearm Red Trigger Gun accessory
Brown Gun Firearm Trigger Tan
Knife Blade Tool Tan Utility knife
Brown Gun Firearm Trigger Tan
Red Maroon Material property Metal Automotive exhaust
Red Watch Watch accessory Tan Material property
Brown Gun Firearm Trigger Shotgun

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Bill is a super nice person and just awesome to deal with! I've done several deals with him and it was as smooth as butter, everyone.

I forgot Bill, GLWS as if your going to need it. Let me know how your last back procedure is doing please.

Jim D
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