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    So, into a small town went a newspaper writer he goes and asks for a job. The owner/editor tells him he is looking for someone who could liven up the paper. Our new employee applicant tells the editor he is just the thing for that job. The editor tells him he will try him out by letting him submit headlines.
    That very day one of the city policemen was having diner when a woman came to his table. She tells him her son appears to be coming into the diner and would he, the policeman, keep an eye on him as he had been into drugs and she was afraid of him. She said she would signal him if her son appeared to be dangerous.
    The policeman said he would and just then noticed a shabby filthy young man shuffle into the diner. The young man went directly to the woman's table and without saying a word, picked up a fork and used it to stab his mother in the face. The policeman pulled the attacker away from his mother and was struck in the face by him. An arrest was made and the suspect was hauled to jail.
    The new writer reported the story and was hired for full-time work at the paper due to the headline, which was; "Dirty mother forken cop socker arrested!"

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