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born in the wrong century
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Have a pile of stuff to get done today on my last day off today.....had to hit the range, though.
It's been two weeks and I was getting antsy.

Shot today's carry gun, Springfield SA-35 and a Staccato P DPO.

15rds in the Springfield mags and 26rds in the 170mm 2011 mags.

10 yrds.

Ran 5 mags with the carry gun at center mass. Double-tap pace.

Ran the next 3 mega-mags at the noggin with the 2011. Double-tap & triple-tap pace....weaponlight & RMR in use.
I love how the Streamlight cuts through the smokey haze and the 馃敶 hovers right over Bad Guy's face. All I had to do was press the bang switch and hang on. :)

Nothing but praise for Paul at Warbird Leather on his handiwork for today's IWB holster.

The SA-35 carries easy and performs well. My only two desires are to change the front sight and to swap for a wider ledge thumb safety. In time, I aim to do both.

And.....the new bucket.....

Standard Home Depot variety.

Filled with range pickup 9mm brass.

I'd hossed her up into the backseat and buckled her in for the ride home and pit stops on the way.

At home, however, grabbed a hand truck. Why tote what can be rolled ?

One of these days I'll deprime, clean and resize it. Today, however, is not that day.

The protein shake that sufficed for breakfuss & lunch has worn off......and and early supper is gonna be had.

Going to get busy on this soon.


born in the wrong century
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Nicely done. 26 rnds each....damn near ar volume. What is the weight loadout?
Thank you.

I haven't weighed it.

Heck....I made it even worse before loading the mags.
The mags came with the plastic bases installed but also had the much heavier aluminum ? pads in the bag. I swapped for the metal pads....took less than a minute to do all three.

The extra ballast does keep the gun on plane throughout the recoil cycle. The red dot doesn't wander far before settling over the spot.

I can't wait to run them in the ported TRS-Comp. I believe I'll go ahead and install the RMR on that gun, too.
Rate of fire rules will have to be pardoned. :)

great shooting and the range let you take all that brass ?


(y) Yep........there was some cash exchanging hands. Not much, though.

One of the RSO's had it on a rolling cart and rolled it right up to my truck....I snatched it off his cart and belted in the back seat. That was my workout for the day....lifting wise. Cardio came from cutting yard earlier in the day. :ROFLMAO:
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