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Help with sights.... replacing a Novaks rear

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Hi all!

So it's no contest, my favorite sights for anything 1911 are the Heinie "Straight 8" night sights, and the Sig Sauer XRAY3's did everything else.

I have a beautiful Colt Officers ACP Enhanced, which had already been the beneficiary of some great work, and is going in for a bunch more... including new sights. I'm providing all the parts, so I'm shopping for sights at the moment...

The gun currently has a staked-in front sight, which is going to get a dovetail cut, but I'm now being told the Heinie sights will not fit the dovetail cut currently holding the Novaks rear sight.

Is this correct?

If so, can anyone give me some advice as to exactly what sights / sizes WILL fit this rear, as they will determine what front sight I get to go with it.

Thanks in advance!

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Looks like (Edit for tritium)
Depending on the front
Heine makes a sight with a Novak cut make dovetail
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