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Hi Power top end with Trijicon RMR

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This was a project i have been working to put together since last summer but never got around to finish mating to my lower. FN slide that I picked here on the forum that was that was already machined for the Trijicon RMR mount. I hade my local smith install the mount, front sight and re blue the slide. I added all the internals and acquired a Barsto barrel for it (see note below on Barrel). Will likely require minor fitting to allow for hammer clearance on the RMR plate depending on type of hammer. RMR is a Trijicon RM07. The package is available with or with out the RMR

Slide without RMR $450
Slide with RMR $825

The barrel I picked up used for $75 as a risk buy, It has been touched by untrained hands. I personally I think its a total loss but I know next to nothing about barrel fitting so it may be able to be saved.

Cash check or Money order only, feel free to pm me with any questions.
RMR not for sale separately

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