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I wanted to share a brief exchange I had with the RO at yesterday’s steel match after the first stage as a way to say “Thanks!” to this great group of individuals for widening my horizons. My wife and I bought our first 1911 from a fellow Addict in June and now own four (all purchased here) plus two builds in the works. The addiction is real : )

RO: “Is that a Thunder Ranch Special?”

Me: “Yes it is (smiling from ear to ear).”

RO: “Weren’t you also shooting a Les Baer at the USPSA match last weekend?”

Me: “I was indeed.”

RO: “9mm?”

Me: “It’s chambered in .38 Super.”

RO: “You have mighty fine taste in 1911s.”

As a rookie competitor I squad with this RO any chance I get given he’s a fellow Single Stack shooter with a ‘M’ classification. That said, this praise was extra special.

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In the day, as a fledgling competitor, I found I always shot better if squaded with shooters significantly better than me (which wasn’t too difficult initially).

Stick with the top tier shooters when possible.
You’ll probably progress quicker.
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