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Highfiguregrips latest Hi Power furnishings

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Greetings Fellow Addicts!

Here are some colorful considerations.

Cocobolo, Desert Ironwood Burl and Marble Cake English Walnut.

Prices are 254.95 - 324.95

They are on the website. www.highfiguregrips.com Thank you! Jon
Wood Rectangle Tints and shades Door Art
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Wow! Wish I had something to put those on. Really beautiful!
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Yer killin' me Man!🥴
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Had to buy the top left set #23. Thanks, Jon!

The bottom middle set is just what I've been waiting for!!! lol-lol-lol THE BAD IS THAT
I've been waiting for these for a 1911!!!
What bad luck for me but I'm sure someone will be thrilled!


BCD 45
~Jim D.
Will these fit the new FN High Power? Thank you
Absolutely stunning. I am in awe of the sets still available.

Anyone on the fence should get off. Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying grips for a gun you don't have......yet.

These are some of the finest grips available and I need to find a way to get a set my way before everyone realizes what they are missing.
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Beautiful, Makes me want to go out and buy a half dozen Hi Powers!
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