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Placing my 2nd favorite full-house custom 1911 up for sale. My venture away from custom 1911's is officially official after this, my BEC (posted in another thread), and one other that a deal is pending on are gone.

You already know Hilton Yam's work just doesn't come up for sale...ever...This is still on display on the 10-8 Performance website and it went directly into my safe, remaining unfired since Hilton last carried and used it, and still being complete with 4 mags, build sheet and Eagle soft case. This, in my opinion, is/was Hilton's best build ever (with Echo being arguable) and it was the last full house custom build that he did with all the bells and whistles before vanishing from the 1911 scene. He did carry and use this as his own personal 1911 before selling. It was the last 1911 that he built as part of his alpha-phonetic military code series (Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, etc.). He built one other 1911 after this but it was a partially customized Colt XSE that he dubbed "Alice". India was his last full-house build though. This one was built on a Chip McCormick frame that were known as being very high quality frames, and it's fitted with a 10-8 slide and it sports all the Hilton Yam features. You can read about it extensively on 10-8's website, Modern Service Weapons and the 10-8 Facebook page with a whole slough of professional photos in tow. As you read on this piece, you will also see that it sports a ton of both current 10-8 parts and even some of his older 10-8 parts that his new and currently produced stuff is based and developed upon. This beauty went on a media tour to several industry magazines and photo-shoots before being placed for sale, where I was then the lucky recipient. This is one build where a TON of info is publicly available which makes it that much more special in my eyes and that much more desirable by custom collectors when contrasted against the fact that it was his last full-custom build.

As I said in my BEC build ad (now consolidated into this thread, below), I'm having to keep my 1911 focus narrow and continue down the path of military and law enforcement 1911 collecting considering I only had a handful of custom builds and wasn't too far down that road yet.

Build List:
-CMC forged chrome moly frame
-Checkered 20 lpi
-CMC thumb safety and disconnector
-CMC grip safety
-CMC bobbed spur hammer
-10-8 magwell
-10-8 flat trigger
-10-8 mag catch
-10-8 grip screws
-10-8 gen 2 slide stop
-10-8 spring plug
-10-8 .140" U-notch low mount rear sight
-10-8 .100" wide fiber optic front sight
-10-8 scoop grips, 5 lpi checkered, Ghost G10
-10-8 "Echo series" slide
-10-8 stainless barrel
-Recessed barrel
-Aftec extractor
-Trigger guard hand-checkered, 50 lpi
-4 CMC PowerMag 8, black SS
-Grip chop/reduction (Hilton left this line item off of the build list but he absolutely chopped a bit off the bottom of the grip to reduce the 1911's elongated and sometimes unwieldy grip length, as pictured below. I can't imagine he'd have any issues confirming this from anyone in dire need)

Pictures are as follows to show that this is still in exactly the same pristine condition as I originally received it in. Check out the aforementioned websites for a multitude of professional photos.

PRICE: $7,500

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I collect a lot of guns of all types (1911's not being any exception), especially military and law enforcement pieces. I've tried getting into full house 1911's as well but I've learned that I need to keep my focus narrow considering I'm unfortunately not made of money. I bought this piece as a replacement to my old carry 1911 and I've learned that old habits die hard in that process. Lou built this blacked out Mil-Spec and I just can't handle letting it sit around unused considering it's original purchase purpose. This thing has never been fired.

It's a Springfield Mil-Spec that will come with the build sheet, original factory case and extras, as well as a spare bead blasted OEM barrel (this was actually the original OEM barrel), EGW bushing & bead blasted Harrison trigger. The spec sheet is as follows:

-Fit & contour EGW barrel bushing
-Novak front and rear dovetail cuts
-BEC rear sight
-Novak front brass bead serrated sight
-Shortened slide stop and chamfer pin hole
-Ball cuts
-Fit & contour EGW thumb safety
-Tune extractor
-Harrison slim grips
-Fit new EGW firing pin stop
-Bevel bottom of slide
-Carry bevel
-25 LPI checkering & undercut (Pete Single)
-Colt hammer & sear
-Fit & blend Smith & Alexander .220 grip safety
-Harrison short trigger
-Blend slide, frame & extractor
-25 LPI MSH and round butt
-Ed Brown tactical mag catch
-Fit Bar-Sto match barrel
-Flushed & crowned Bar-Sto match barrel
-Cut chamber depth to .905
-Cut relief on VIS (bowtie)
-Action set at 4lbs
-Finish: graphite black over manganese phosphate

Please send all correspondence, questions and I'll take it's to me via Private Message.

Price: $3,500

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Both beautiful pieces, BUT, That India build really rattles my cage. I followed those builds through the Modern Weapons site and was amazed at what Hilton Yam achieved with the 1911 platform. This gun and the Echo gun were my favorites of the series also.

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Like the others, I have loved 10-8 guns and parts for a while and his guns, this one in particular, inspired my SACS build.

I wish I didn't have the money, that would be easy. When It in the bank but know my wife would have my @$$..... Sucks... Wish I could but can't, really need to focus on priorities.

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Glad to hear this one made an impact on a lot of good people!

@ripdog28 I don't know man, a bed and breakfast weekend with the wife goes a long ways in the brownie point department! Absolutely feel free to reach out and touch bases if priorities shift at all :)

Let's not forget about Lou's black beauty either! I've received more compliments on the smoothness of the action and actually, the very sound of the slide/barrel unlocking and locking again, than I have on anything else I own. The beauty of it is as audible as it is visual and tactile!
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