HK and M&P Night Sights

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  1. John Ryder

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    Aug 19, 2011
    These sights came on a used HK45 I had bought used, and despite trying to get used to them, they are not for me. The front sight is date 08 and both dots are still bright. The sights are listed by Heinie to work with the HK45/45c and P30.

    There is some external finish wear but otherwise are in good shape. The rear is a .125".

    Price - $80

    These are factory S&W night sights that I took off my M&P. They are dated 10 and are still bright. I wanted a different sight picture otherwise I would have never made the change. The front sight was painted red but has worn off.

    Price - $65


    Price are shipped within the CONUS by standard USPS. NO trades of lower offers please.

    Payment - USPS Money Order only.

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