SOLD HK P7 NP3+ Nill Grips with IWB Holster

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  1. RS.

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    Dec 21, 2017
    This one hurts the most because I love the P7 platform. But I’m getting rid of the “collector” guns and only keeping those I shoot regularly.

    I purchased this from another addict through partial trade. Here:

    NP3+ P7 with two mags (one in same finish), IWB RH Holster, and brand new Nills grips. Also have the old plastic grips. No box or tools. Gun has Trijicon “Lolly” night sights.

    PayPal FF, 2300 Shipped from my FFL to yours. They take a few days so if you want it overnight FedEx insured from me add $100. I won’t sell grips separately.

    Will do partial trade for Sig P365. Preferably with extra mags and RH Holster.

    No idea on round Count. I’ve put 350 flawless rounds through it.

    9069F727-4270-43B7-A4BE-5574238196F1.jpeg B2F58244-AFB3-45B5-B433-2521C0C43ADD.jpeg 120E4078-6A32-434B-A2B6-6C93B0FEF5FC.jpeg 43165807-FA16-4AD1-8621-6A4DE73B02CF.jpeg C7F59B1E-52C8-48A3-8CD3-B41DB91667F3.jpeg 58711AC0-CC14-4A37-A47F-116999900F8E.jpeg 1B5EC60D-0655-493B-8B79-0DF6D1330E97.jpeg

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  2. RS.

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Sold. Thanks for a quick sale.
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